10th Grade Ancient Literature & Composition

Reading List:

Bullfinch’s Greek & Roman Mythology: The Age of Fables, The Aeneid, The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Iliad & Odyssey, Antigone, Aristophanes: Frogs and Other Plays, Vocabulary Cartoons II, Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold (Summer Reading).

Outside Homework:

4+ hours per week

This survey of ancient literature will include Greek and Roman mythology, epic poetry, plays, tragedy, and philosophy. This class will focus on many of the most important works written before the first century. Students will learn the historical context of the selections, and look at modern interpretations and art forms that have been influenced by these writings. A variety of challenging writing assignments will accompany the literature. Excellence in Literature: World Literature (Institute for Excellence in Writing) will be a primary text. Writing genres will include, but not be limited to: an expository essay, a persuasive essay, and an extensive research paper. These structured, formal writing assignments will strengthen students’ ability to analyze literature, while preparing them for the essay section of the SAT/ACT. The creative writing will allow students, like the writers of the later Renaissance and Neoclassical periods, to become inspired by what they are reading, enriching their experience. In addition to learning contextual vocabulary based on Greek and Latin terms that have been adopted into our language, students will complete a vocabulary book, which is to be graded at home.

Assigned summer reading and writing assignment will be submitted on the first day of class.  Plan on 8-10 homework hours for the summer assignment.