11th/12th British Literature & Composition

Welcome to the world of Anglo-Saxon warriors, blood-thirsty monsters, chivalrous knights,
King Arthur, Merlin, and the Knights of the Round Table, religious pilgrims, and wild romance!
In other words, welcome to a course where we will delve into well-loved classic works by
British authors from the Anglo-Saxon period through the Modern era. Our reading list includes
poems, plays, novels, and travelogues read, enjoyed, and emulated the world over. Each student
will also tackle creative writing assignments, including a fourth quarter Capstone writing project,
presentations, poetry writing, and a personal travelogue. In addition, we will learn and practice
vocabulary and analogies as preparation for upcoming SAT and ACT testing. All assignments
are designed to thoroughly prepare each student for college-level work in English literature,

composition, and communication.