11th/12th Grade World Literature & Composition

Reading List

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World Literature & Composition is designed for students to study at an academically advanced level. Expectations and outcomes of learning objectives are as followed: (1) to analyze, synthesize, evaluate, and interpret literature and nonfiction spanning many countries, literary movements, genres, and underrepresented voices; (2) to assess critical thought through analytic essays, creative writing, and oral presentations; (3) to research, discuss, and critique developing a strong voice ; (4) to engage in weekly lectures and student-guided Socratic seminars; and (5) to communicate effectively with others, formulating vital questions and conclusions. Due to the rigorous nature of this course, completion of course assignments and regular attendance promote higher order thinking, academic success, and preparation for college level English studies.

 Assigned summer reading and writing assignment will be submitted on the first day of class.  Plan on 8-10 homework hours for the summer assignment.