7th/8th Grade World History + Geography

Primary Texts:

From Adam to Us, Part 2; Castles to Computers, and Our Creative World, Stories,
Poems, Documents, Art and Architecture from Ancient History

Secondary Texts:

From Adam to Us lesson review and student workbook, literature selections Otto of the Silver Hand, The King’s Fifth, Madeleine Takes Command, The Switherby Pilgrims, The Chestry Oak, Children of the Storm

Using the Notgrass Company’s outstanding From Adam to Us beautiful textbook, working with maps, globes, and review materials, reading an array of excellent literature selections, plus enjoying a variety of classroom activities and projects, our class will delve into the history and geography of this marvelous world we live on and in. Over the course of the year, we will together follow a delightful and meaningful tracing of God’s hand throughout our world, from the 1700s to the present, studying wonders of creation such as Venice, Italy, Easter Island, and the Forbidden City, just to name a few. We will read of fascinating people like J.S. Bach, Suleyman I, C.S. Lewis, and many others. We will read of the daily life of people groups throughout the world. In class, students will map the world, and engage in activities like building a model of Stonehenge out of Rice Krispy blocks, putting together Family History Albums, playing Rota and the Carthaginian Trader’s game, and acting out a play based on Aesop’s fables (These are a few examples of activities from last year).

Our primary goal with this class is to encourage students to engage, learn, and love history, geography and literature, and through these studies to find a deeper love, reverence, and awe for the character of the Lord of heaven and earth who has brought it all about.

Outside homework:

4+ hours per week