7th/8th Grade Geography

Yearly Price: $345.00

Primary Text:

A Beka World Geography in Christian Perspective with Map Studies Book

Outside Homework:

4+ hours per week

This course will take the student around the world to explore the many diverse cultures.
These cultures will be examined through the framework of geography, religion, and
world history. Each quarter will include a project which corresponds to the countries we
Geography – Extensive map work will provide the student with a greater
understanding of the physical characteristics of each country and continent in our
world. Students will evaluate current events from a geographical and Biblical
Religion – Students will have a fundamental understanding of the major world
religions and how they have shaped a nation’s culture. Godly men and women
will also be studied who lived out Act 2:38 going out to preach the good news to
a lost world.
World History – Critical thinking skills will be developed as students analyze how
people relate to their location and physical surroundings as an important part of
the development of a nation and its culture. A firm foundation of geography will
be laid for students to continue their study of World History in the upcoming year.