7th/8th Grade Ancient History + Geography

Primary Text:

Primary Texts: From Adam to Us; Creation to Cathedrals, and Our Creative World, Stories,
Poems, Documents, Art and Architecture from Ancient History
Secondary Texts: From Adam to Us lesson review and student workbook, Hittite Warrior,
Adara, The Fables of Aesop, Herodotus and the Road to History, Ides of April, The White Stag

Outside Homework:

4+ hours per week

Using the Notgrass Company’s World History and Creative World texts, an array of excellent literature selections appropriate for middle school readers, plus a variety of classroom activities and projects, students will engage in a delightful and meaningful tracing of God’s hand in history as they examine the tragic and triumphant events that shaped our world.  This course is a lively and engaging presentation of the many dynamic stories that make up the great story of ancient world history, including the wonder of Creation, some great landmarks made by creative people in many times and places, and a look at the lives of ordinary people through the centuries. Our goal is to encourage students to engage with history, learn from history, and love history, and furthermore, to find a deeper love, reverence, and awe for the character of the Lord of heaven and earth who has brought it about.