8th Grade Literature & Composition

Reading List:

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Outside Homework: 4+ hours per week

To prepare the student for high school study, this academically-challenging course will serve as an introduction to literature and composition. To that end, the content of the course will include the grammar of literature and literary analysis; the introduction, mastery and application of new vocabulary; the grammar of the different types and models of writing; and a focus on proper sentence and paragraph structure, including unity, coherence and parallel construction. Critical thinking and speaking skills will be improved via Socratic Circle discussions as well as the use of position and supported argument in both verbal discussion and written work. In addition to the substantial reading and intense focus of study, the student will frequently work collaboratively on class projects, providing him/her with an opportunity to improve his/her interactions and accountability with his/her contemporaries. Students will receive explicit writing instruction in this course. Parents will be expected to check homework assignments.

Assigned summer reading and writing assignment will be submitted on the first day of class.  Plan on 8-10 homework hours for the summer assignment.