In this class we will explore drawing and learn a bunch about perspective, composition, different drawing terms, how to use a dowel rod and much more. We will explore a few other mediums, including acrylic paint, colored pencils and fabric! In this class I hope to help students learn how to capture what they see more accurately on paper and create a few pieces of art that they can actually use (such as a coffee mug, an embroidered patch for a hat or backpack, and some creative ways to bless friends and family with their handiwork. We may even enjoy some edible art!) We may talk about a few famous artists when we start drawing and painting. Your student’s grade will be based on class participation and the completion of weekly sketchbook assignments.


Class goals –

1.) To have a ton of fun learning how to see God’s handiwork and apply it to paper. (Learning how to look at an object and draw what you see, not what you know about the object. perspective, etc.)

2.) To enjoy creating! The first words in the Bible are “In the beginning God created…” I believe that when we create, we can participate in a divine hobby. So many people limit themselves and say “I wish I was creative” and I hope that we can debunk that idea in this class.

3.) To learn to encourage each others freely and share ideas for our classmates’ work in a kind manner.