Primary Text:

Henle Latin I-Year 1, Henle Grammar, Memoria Press student guides to units 1-5, and *Quo Vadis (This is a noteworthy work of fiction, set in first century Rome. It is an exciting and inspiring story of an arrogant Roman soldier coming to Christ amidst the Roman era under Nero.  Including readings and discussion from this novel over the school year exposes students to more Latin vocabulary, plus an introduction to Roman customs, culture and history).

This course is designed for both the beginning Latin student, or a student with prior Latin experience who wants the challenge of a high-school level Latin course. In our first year of Latin study, the student will amass about 250 Latin vocabulary words and phrases, many more English derivatives, grammar forms, and will begin translating Latin. In the process, he or she will increase their understanding of English, the history of Western civilization, as well as the culture that dominated the Israelites at the time of Christ and the first century Church! Games, activities, puzzles, translation of Bible verses, plus the reading and discussion of an award-winning novel set in first century Rome will provide your student with a rich and exciting first experience of high school Latin.  Students will have daily written homework assignments to complete, which will be turned in on class days. Also, he or she will listen and review vocabulary daily with an instructional CD to master each lesson’s list of new words and phrases.

Outside Homework:

Students should plan on 4-6 hours weekly on homework.