Primary Text:

Henle Latin I-Year 1, Henle Grammar, (Latin I students from last year’s PATH class purchased these books last year),  Memoria Press quizzes and test for Henle Units VI-XII, a Latin Recitation CD/DVD kit, and Pontius Pilate, by Paul L.  Meier

This course is designed for continuing Latin high school student. In our second year of Latin study, the student will review the material covered in Latin I, will amass about 250 more Latin vocabulary words and phrases, many more English derivatives, and new grammar forms, and will sharpen their skills translating Latin. In the process, he or she will increase their understanding of English, the history of Western civilization, as well as the culture that dominated the Israelites at the time of Christ and the first century Church! Games, activities, puzzles, translation of Bible verses, plus the reading and discussion of an engaging novel set in first century Rome will provide your student with a rich and exciting second year of  high school Latin.  Students will have daily written homework assignments to complete, which will be turned in on class days.

For students new to PATH with prior Latin experience and an interest in Latin II, the specific topics  we will cover in Henle Latin I, Units VI-XIV include:

Unit VI: present and imperfect subjunctive, purpose clauses, relative clauses
Unit VII: perfect and pluperfect subjunctive, direct and indirect questions
Unit VIII: passive subjunctive, vocative case, direct and indirect reflexives
Unit IX: perfect participle passive, hic, ille, ablative of spearation
Unit X: possum, infinitive in noun constructions, numerals, irregular adjectives
Unit XI: 3rd conjugation -io verbs, rules for time, dative verbs
Unit XII: accusative with infinitive construction
Unit XIII: comparison of adjectives, deponent verbs
Unit XIV: irregular verb eo