Physics Lab with Home Video

Primary Texts:

Apologia Exploring Creation with Physics, *Conceptual Physics
*CP text will be provided on loan by PATH


TI- 83 or TI-84 series graphing calculator

Outside Homework:

4+ hours per week

Physics is a full year course that covers motion, forces, energy, momentum, waves,
sound, light, electricity and circuits. The course will help students develop an
understanding of physics’ theories on a conceptual and mathematical level. Two
textbooks will be used to achieve this goal.
Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Physics will provide the mathematical foundation and
Paul Hewitt’s Conceptual Physics will provide the conceptual and practical foundation.
This course will prepare students to move to an algebra or calculus based college
physics course. Good algebra skills and familiarity with some basic trigonometry are
essential for success. Class meetings will focus on mathematical problem solving,
lecture and laboratory experiences. Many supplemental lab experiments and activities
will be included. We will be using a Vernier Labquest with various probes to collect
motion, sound, and light data.