Primary Text:

Advancemos!, Cuaderno

Outside Homework:

4-6 hours per week

Spanish I will be the introduction to the wonderful language of Spanish. Students will start to build a strong foundation of introductory vocabulary and grammar in this class. Part of the class time will focus on proper pronunciation through speaking aloud, repetition, and through class participation “games”. Assignments will be given for each day of the school week and will be turned in on class days. Some assignments will include reading, vocabulary, worksheets, and online interactive exercises, which go along with the textbook. Cultural music, dance and arts will be introduced along with each chapter.

Being the second most common language spoken in our country, students will learn how to hold a basic conversation in Spanish. Our goal is to build confidence in the student to use their new skills that they may spark a conversation, which can lead to witnessing. Because God is the center of everything, students’ vocabulary will include “spiritual” words.

Students should plan on spending a minimum of 4 hours per week at home on their Spanish lessons.