In this class, we will focus on the mastery of constructions as presented in the texts and other exercises. We will be dealing with vocabulary building, word usage, and grammar. This is a course designed to assist you, the student, to increase the ability to speak (hablar), write (escribir), read ( leer ) and listen (escuchar) in Spanish.


  1. You will receive an assignment sheet to complete as homework for every chapter.
  2. You will have midterm and a final exam.
  3. You will have quizzes over specific sections in each chapter.
  4. You will have an oral test.
  5. You will write one story or letter as a quiz grade.
  6. The final exam will be comprehensive.

Outside Homework:

Students are expected to attend class regularly, be on time, be attentive, and participate actively. In addition, students should be aware that each class session will require approximately one hour daily of carefully systematic studying outside of class.

Without sufficient time and solid studying skills/habits, students will struggle to complete the objectives of the course.