Speech and Debate

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This is a year-long course covering the components of speech and debate. The first semester will be focused on speech, with an emphasis on demonstrative, informative and persuasive speeches. Students will be required to give in class speeches (about 5 minutes long), based on assigned topics. After the speech, there will be a time of critique. While writing out a speech is encouraged to help organize a student’s thoughts, students will be graded solely on their presentation in class. Students should plan to do research every week as the topics will vary weekly. The second semester will be focused on debate, utilizing many of the skills already learned in speech during the first semester. The first few weeks will be primarily lecture on the process of debate, format and theory. Students will need to be prepared to debate bi-weekly with a 2-on-2 model of collegiate debate. They will prepare a constructive speech and be prepared with rebuttal and cross examination. Because of the nature of critique and rebuttal, as well as the adversarial nature of debate, students must come prepared each week to ask and answer questions, as well as accept constructive criticism.