Covid 19 Update

Updated 12/1/21

We follow any guidelines given by our host, Faith Church. Everyone is responsible for
their own health , so p lease make decisions that you are comfortable with.

– Respect others’ choices. Everyone has different feelings, perspectives and situations.

– Tables and chairs will be sanitized after each class.

– Extra cleaning will happen during the day with sanitizing of countertops, door handles,
faucet handles, and flush push buttons.

– Students are encouraged to wash hands more frequently.

– We ask that parents check their child’s temperature at home and keep them home if
they have a fever or are feeling poorly. We do have a contactless thermometer on
campus if needed.

– We will meet in person unless we are not allowed to.

– We have the capabilities to do classes online. We will do that if we feel that is needed
or best for whatever reason.

Thank you for working with us on this.
PATH Milford Leadership