Covid 19 Update

As of February 1st, 2021, our host church is still requiring that we wear masks in the building.

If the Governor mandates something, we must comply with those mandates. If the Governor recommends something, it will be optional for our group. We want you to be aware that families will choose different options. We are currently working with our host church monitoring the changing guidelines.

– In the fall, we will have to comply with whatever guidelines the church has at that time.
– Masks will be mandatory until the Governor rescinds the mandate.
– Respect others’ choices.  Everyone has different feelings, perspectives and situations.
– Everyone is responsible for their own safety.
– Students will help sanitize and clean the area they sit in before leaving the classroom.
– Extra cleaning will happen during the day with sanitizing of countertops, door handles, faucet handles, and flush push buttons.
– Physical distancing will be implemented in classrooms as well as study hall and the MPR.
– Students will be encouraged to wash hands more frequently.
– Students will be encouraged to take temperature before class day and then stay home if it is over 100 degrees or if he/she is not feeling well out of respect for other students and staff.
– We will meet in person whenever we are allowed to.
– If classes must go online next school year, we are able to teach virtually.

Thank you for working with us on this.

PATH Milford Leadership