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To apply online, please complete the application below.  This option makes the registration process faster and is our preferred method.

Registration Payment

Due to needing more teachers and students and not knowing when the needed teachers can teach, the 2021-22 schedule will be posted as we get the needed students and teachers or by April 20th. Look at this year’s schedule to get an idea of what our schedule is typically like. We are not asking for registration money with registration this year. Registration will be open till April 30th. Please sign up for what classes you want. Classes can be adjusted when the schedule comes out, if needed. We will decide on May 1st. If we decide to run, registration fees will be due May 15th.

Registration Fees

Application Fee = $75 x # of students.  (Fee not to exceed $150 per family.)

Study Hall Fee = $50 x # of students.  (Fee not to exceed $100 per family. Optional if taking 1 class and not using)

Total Registration Payment = Application Fee + Study Hall Fee