Blanca Mosconi

Blanca Mosconi has a B.A from LeMoyne College (Syracuse) in International Business. She was born in Bogota,Colombia and lived there until an American couple adopted her and her brother at the tender age of 12. While only English was spoken at home, during high school she continued learning Spanish language and increased her knowledge by traveling and living in Spain for a summer. In College, having mastered English, she also studied French and Italian. She spent part of her junior year working as an intern for a Spanish member of the European Union in Brussels, Belgium. While in Europe, she continued her travels in Spain and other nearby countries. After college, she worked as an international sales representative for other sales members in Spanish speaking countries.

Blanca has been married to Troy for the past 13 years and they have two children. As a mother, she enjoys spending time teaching Spanish to her young kids and neighborhood children– to speak and understand Spanish. Blanca plans to take an imaginative approach to teaching Spanish I through play, interactive activities, games and songs to foster student’s interest and enthusiasm for learning Spanish. Because Spanish is her mother tongue, she will be able to help the students learn the Spanish phonics sounds that English does not have. Blanca has taught Spanish at PATH for several years including introduction to Spanish and Spanish 1 & 2.

The Mosconi family is originally from New Jersey and they now reside in Loveland. Blanca has been an active member of the Loveland community coaching soccer and lacrosse for her children’s teams and teaching Spanish at the Pre-school and elementary grade levels.


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