David Strasser

David Strasser is fortunate to be the husband of Julie Strasser, and the father of Aidan, Avery, Cora Shea, Isabel and Elias. He is the proud friend of Maizie and Penny, the two dogs who he feeds two times a day. He is an employee of the SEEK Company, which does qualitative market research—and David helps discover human insights and then tell the story of the humans behind those insights back to the brands who want to sell things to those humans. He is the driver of a beat-up pick up truck and would love to someday fly a plane (that is not beat-up). He started a publishing company in Kansas, began a lawn maintenance business in Georgia, opened a photography studio in Ohio and created a coffee-house in the very hip area of the gaslight district of Clifton. He reads books mostly by dead people and is considered by some to be a happy curmudgeon. Most people enjoy his wry and dry sense of humor. Most—not all.


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