Pia Rader

Pia Rader is a successful homeschooling mom of three with 2 graduates (Kristina 2015 and David 2017!) and the youngest,   Annika is a junior this year. Pia got her major start in theater when she joined Covenant Players, a traveling international reparatory theater company based in Los Angeles.  Pia toured with CP as a missionary for 7 years during which time she met her husband Charlie leading her unit in acting and directing on the road in the Dakotas and Eastern Montana. Pia has been the long time drama teacher the the CHEC Mason Co-op and later the Family Christian Homeschool Co-op. Pia and her whole family have been performing and doing tech at Crossroads Awaited- A Christmas Experience for the last 10 years with over 100 performances.  She has also been seen in productions at Loveland Stage Company and the Nativity Players. Pia is looking forward to teaching Drama at PATH this year.


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Fine Arts
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