Ryan has been coaching the PATH fencing team since 2011. Ryan is highly motivated and educated in the field of fencing. He has received several national medals and is consistently nationally ranked in the top 32. Ryan has been Great Lakes Champion several times, and was Ohio state high school champion four years running. He started fencing when he was 7 years old. He was coached by his father, Lloyd Howell, and has been coaching students since 2007. Ryan is an instructor at Salle Du Lion Fencing Center and coach for Mason High School fencing team. Ryan frequently travels with his students to national events and believes in self-improvement. He truly lives and breathes this sport.

http://www.salledulion.org/ rhfencer123@yahoo.com

The Salle du Lion Fencing Club was founded in the summer of 1998. We started out as a bunch of enthusiasts in the basement of a local YMCA in 1991. When our group outgrew the basement, we moved to our very own Fencing Center in Sharonville (Cincinnati), Ohio. We have approximately 6,000 square feet of hardwood floors housed in a former church and school. With one of the strongest youth programs in the Midwest, Salle Du Lion is quickly gaining a reputation for building champions. But we do it differently: Our students are taught to focus on the joy of self-improvement and to “forget about winning”. They learn to appreciate the contribution of others, value what they have to offer, how to enjoy the process of self-improvement, and get a great workout as well! They learn how to deal with frustration, control anger and remain cool under pressure. Fencing improves hand-eye coordination, balance, timing, strength, and reflex management. But the best part is… it’s a lot of fun!


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